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Parent Information Page

Transition to preschool - Settling is as individual as children are. Families are welcome to spend time at the preschool before attendance begins. Your child may have periods of distress even after being at preschool for a while, this is natural. If your child is upset during separation time it may be better for your child if you make a quick departure after a cuddle and a goodbye. NEVER leave your child without saying goodbye. Teachers will comfort and help settle children after separation.


What to Bring 

Lunch - meals are an important social learning time for children. Please provide a labelled lunch box with a nutritious lunch. For example, sandwich, musesli bar, cheese sticks, crackers, yoghurt. We are able to reheat meals if required and please avoid lollies, chips and chocolate.

Please pack a labelled drink bottle filled with water only. Teachers will refill when required.

Please inlude one piece of fruit or vegetable for the morning tea basket and one savoury item for our afternoon tea basket. For example crackers, cheese, bread sticks, rice crackers, sultanas, dried apricots etc.

Morning and afternoon tea food is cut and placed on platters for the children to share. This allows the children to try different food, learn to share, improve self help skills and be social.

School bag - your child's school bag should include the following items;

  • labelled sun hat
  • two complete sets of spare clothing including socks, undies and labelled jumper
  • a small pillow and blanket for rest time, please label
  • 4 nappies IF your child wears nappies